To have the actual quality results, Grieco follow the whole working cycle of operation. If you make the roasting of blend green coffee you will have a roasting of different kinds, that would need different temperatures for the different provenience, different seasons, different harvesting and differents maturing.
The firm makes a specific roasting for each kind, as to check carefuly increase of temperature to have an homogenous and optimal final result for each kind. After this procedure of differentiated roasting Grieco Caffè becomes aromatic and strong, hearty and deep, sweet and full: the real italian coffee. For the roasting phase we tell a firm's secret to you: the roasting machine has the ancient firewood roasting way of doing. The coffee, thank to the check of the expert roaster, reachs the perfect temperature and have the perfect cooking time.
After being roasted the coffe is immediately cooled to avoid the spontaneus combustion changed the reached optimal roasting.
Grieco Caffè Industry makes use only of forced cold air. After a masterly mixing of different kinds of coffee, begins the packaging. A perfect packaging avoids the coffee to lose distinctive aromatic features.
The coffee that you drink at the bar is so the result of a long work in which the nature, the experience and tecnology join to obtain a perfect mixture.




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